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We Deliver Exceptional Immersive Experiences Using Virtual Reality

Image by James Yarema


Immersive VR Karaoke to lighten up everyone's day.

An activity no one will forget and everyone will love you for.

At home, at the office or at an event.


Organise concerts that mix reality to virtual and are not restrained by geography.

Maximum engagement guaranteed.


Your talent is a gift to be shared. Get worldwide exposure. Put on a real show with the same energy felt on an IRL stage. 

But from the comfort of your home/studio.

Image by James Yarema


Put on a VR headset and find yourself performing on a big stage.

And you don't even need to know the lyrics!


The magic of immersive Karaoke brought to your home, or to any sort of event.

  • Immersive & unique,

  • Feel like you are on a real stage,

  • Share your performance with your friends and family,

  • Replay option to rewatch and remember all the fun,

  • Can be performed in a small space,

  • Innovative,

  • Create live contests on social media and increase engagement.

VR Karaoke
Signer with Band


For the music and entertainment industry this is an one of a kind opportunity to create an unforgettable event accessible to the whole world.

Hybrid concerts are a mix of live performance, in-person event and an online streaming.

  • Sell more tickets than the physical venue can host and open the event to more people,

  • No geographical constraints,

  • Increase engagement and traffic with live contests on social media,

  • Livestream the performance on all your platforms,

  • Generate traffic even after the event with replays.

Hybrid concerts


Are you an artist in the need of a stage to perform?


Put on a real show with the same energy on stage as you would in IRL and share your talent with your audience.

Our Mizik Virtual Reality app will allow you to go live, on a stage, from the comfort of your home or studio.

  • Authenticity: Virtual Reality makes you feel as if you were on a real stage, allowing for your performance to be authentic.

  • Sell tickets to your event,

  • Real concert without the cost of a real venue and production,

  • Engage with your fans and offer them an experience they won't forget,

  • Gain exposure and traffic.

Image by Vinicius "amnx" Amano
Virtual Concerts
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