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Join the revolution of Live Performances! 

Professional or amateur, Mizik is YOUR

virtual reality stage to share your performance with the world.

Mizik is THE PERFECT animation for all of your events

  • corporate, private, and all in between

  • from 10 > 1000 people

  • for people from 10 > 110 years old

  • for extraverted and introverted singers

This immersive
VR KARAOKE experience is one of a kind


  • It allows you to perform on a virtual stage in front of your public like a real star as an avatar of your choice

  • All while the audience present follows your performance on a big screen singing along like any other karaoke

  • Even the most timid person feels at ease thanks to use of the headset to perform on stage in front of a virtual (and real) audience

  • Can be streamed (live) to social media or why not create a hybrid karaoke contest like we did in 2021 in Laval, France with Radio France Blue


Mizik will (hopefully soon) also be available as a VR application


  • Besides the event formula you'll also be able to perform your live performance from the comfort of your living room

  • Our application can be connected to your home studio and also supports live streaming by OBS.

  • Stay tuned for more!


Is this a taste for more? 
Contact us today at
Let's create, share & experience lifelong memories, together!


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